An engineer is flying a drone over a large set of solar panels. Another engineer is looking at a laptop, inspecting a set of solar panels.

Our services

2DegreesKelvin offer unique combination of knowledge gathering, risk reducing, revenue increasing solar services & solutions. We have partnered with world leading technology providers to provide front-line innovation to our customers.

Our independent technology-lead approach focuses on real value and service excellence delivering to asset owners, asset managers, developers, technical advisors, EPC’s, O&M’s and Insurance companies alike.

Mobile Module Testing

2DegreesKelvin operate the only dedicated UK based mobile test laboratory, offering high accuracy flash testing & electroluminescence (EL) imagery. Out trained operators aim to test 175-225 modules per day, supported by a module handling team.

The test sequence automatically checks the diode function, the electrical connections, grounding and power curve to Standard Test Conditions (1000W/m2 @25oC) to +/-3% accuracy.

It also has the functionality to conduct High Potential tests on the panel checking for electrical isolation. Finally, it captures a sequence of EL images which are knitted together to form a seamless, high quality EL image. Each module EL image is judged on a cell level in line with a relevant judgement criteria.

2DK can work with you to design & deliver your module quality testing strategy, advising on sample numbers and logistical planning for this critical part of the procurement chain.

An engineer in a hard hat and high visibility jacket performing testing on a single solar panel wired up to a 2DK trailer attached to the back of a van.
200+ module/day
High Accuracy Flash
Testing (<+/-3%)
HD Image Quality
TUV Certified
& Calibrated
Can test modules
over 2m in height

Module Picking &

To ensure the target quantities of modules are tested per day in our mobile EL/Flash testing service, or that a module exchange project is conducted efficiently without causing damage to the modules themselves, 2DegreesKelvin have developed a robust and consistent module picking & exchange service.

As part of our wrapped mobile testing service modules need to be identified & labelled, isolated, disconnected, demounted, transported to the test machine location, cleaned, loaded into the test machine for testing individually, then returned to their exact location, re-mounted and connected, and finally be re-energised ensuring high standards of cable management. This whole process is planned and coordinated by our experienced team with over 25,000 modules picked or exchanged  using this method.

In terms of module transportation & handling, our teams handle the modules with care and have first-hand experience of damage causation. To further ensure that modules are not damaged during this process we utilise our poly/mono module transportation rack which is adjustable for various dimensions and thicknesses of module frames. This is secured to a trailer and moved around the site with an all-terrain vehicle.

Two engineers carrying a solar panel towards a van with a trailer.
Suitably sized picking &
exchange teams
Isolation, disconnection, demount, transportation, cleaning,
reinstallsation and cable management
Purpose built module
transportation rack and access
Full project management,
H&S and quality control
Hassle free end to end


To check for mechanical damage or manufacturing defects and deterioration phenomena's, 2DegreesKelvin deploy a range of Electroluminescence (EL) tripod systems to capture repeatable, high quality EL images in-situ (no need to disturb the modules).

This service can be used to conduct a spot-check on areas of a solar farm where module conditions are suspicious, or provide a complementary follow up service following hot-spot identification in your thermography surveys.

On new build projects, this service is often used to complement our mobile module testing, checking that previously tested modules (post-shipment) are re-tested in situ (post-installation) to check that installation standards are high.

Or, if you are looking to conduct a thorough high-volume survey, 2DegreesKelvin can provide multi-MW surveys which act as the ultimate forensic condition-based record to enable investment or warranty decisions to be made.

An engineer in a hard hat and high visibility jacket performing electroluminescence testing on a set of solar panels.
Single & multiple
module options
HD Electroluminescence
Identifies over 90% of all
known module defects
Modules judged in line with
suitable judgement criteria
100% asset EL available for
ultimate site condition record

Improvement & Optimisation Services

Following on from our extensive range of knowledge gathering services, 2DegreesKelvin have the fully deployable capabilities to implement improvement & optimisation projects in the field. Our professional team of engineers, technicians, trusted associates & partners allow us to deploy suitably qualified & competent resources for any size project, big or small.

From replacement of components, to retro-fitting optimisation solutions, we can develop the best solution for you and deliver the project safely, on time & on budget.

The UK solar industry is full of cheap, rough-and-ready contracting companies, who may well meet your budget targets upon contract placement, but through bitter experience will cause delays, asset damage, disorganised service delivery and often call for more funds to complete the job due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’. What educated asset stakeholders value is an organisation who can manage the whole process, designs optimised workflows, envisages & plans for complexity and delivers their projects in a seamless and professional manner, and that’s where the value of partnering with 2DK is…

Through our combined experience of over 30 years on renewable assets, we have a deep knowledge of the challenges of renewable asset construction, operations & maintenance and a clear vision of the inevitable issues that are going to appear over the coming years as the assets age. 2DegreesKelvin combine this insight, with professional engineering controls and quality assurance measures to ensure your improvement projects are delivered correctly.

We also have the ability to act as an Owners Engineer or a Project Manager to oversight the delivery of such projects on behalf of the project owner, to deliver full peace of mind that the project is in safe hands.

An engineer kneeling down by a set of solar panels wired up to his laptop.
Full improvements & optimisation
project delivery capabilities
High levels of
communication throughout
Cutting edge technology and
workflow solutions
Professional Project
Full Health & Safety

Revamp & Repower

2DegreesKelvin believe that due to the massive adoption of solar around the world fuelled by government subsidies, in many cases particularly between 2011-2017, sub-standard design principals, material & equipment selection & quality of labour has resulted in a fleet of utility & commercial scale assets which are doomed to deteriorate prematurely, have growing reliability concerns and lose owners & investors’ money.

Not only this, but at the rate of solar PV technology development and evolution, within a decade or so, efficiency gains through retrofitting up to date equipment will make sense regardless of the condition that it’s in now.

2DegreesKelvin have a unique process to bring you through a revamp or repower process including site performance review, planning constraint assessments, OFGEM & grid agreement cross-checking, validation of original design assumptions & simulations etc. This initial phase leads towards determining the various options available for a revamping or repowering project, and then apply these equipment/configuration change scenarios to a module level PV-Syst model. The output of this optioneering exercise is to explore the best yield performance option.

Once the best 2-3 options are justified, a detail CAPEX/OPEX price breakdown will be constructed, and subsidy and power price inputs will be applied. The final output from the process is the presentation of the various best options, complete with investment assumptions, ROI, NPR and payback periods.

2DegreesKelvin have the capability thereafter to manage the revamping and/or repowering projects from conception to commissioning and become an extension of the asset owners or stakeholders team.

Sites within the UK commissioned in 2011/12 are already seeing impressive payback periods as the FiT’s & ROC’s levels for these early schemes are highly lucrative. Start making those savings today and secure the longevity of your plants with a 2DegreesKelvin lead Revamping/Repowering Study and project implementation service.

Two engineers in a field perform testing and fixes on solar panels.
Revamp & Repower Studies and
Assistance with OFGEM, DNO,
and Planning Interfaces
A credible and independent
revamping & repower specialist
System design and
redesign validation
End to end project

Solar Engineering Services & Consultancy

Most renewable markets around the world have similar players in terms of the value & supply chain, including investors, asset owners, asset managers, developers, technical advisor's, EPC's & O&M's. 2DegreesKelvin do not fit into any of these categories and aims to present ourselves as the strategic partner who can bridge the gaps between the various entities. The grout between the tiles so to speak. Providing honest, independent & professional support which is technically & commercially focused on real value and service excellence.

When it comes down to the elements of site testing, inspection & investigation which need solar black-belts to make sense of the results, 2DegreesKelvin are your partner. Utilising inspection methods such as: advanced visual inspection, thermography, EL, UV, horizon-line scanning (PV-Syst input), IV-Curve & String testing, Shunt & Series Resistance testing, to fulfil your contractual obligations or be part of a thorough investigation assignment.

Our team holds decades of project & strategic outcome management, having planned and successfully delivered multiple energy related construction projects & maintenance shutdowns. All of which are complex, high pressure environments with a sharp focus on health & safety, program and budget.

If it doesn't make sense to employ a full-time project manager, or roll the dice on a short-term contract or agency resource, then please get in touch as 2DegreeKelvin can provide a parachuted in experienced and professional resource who will integrate into your team and deliver any project to a high standard.

Our extensive network and value-adding ethos means that whatever you are looking for when it comes to a service, product or solution, we will find it and provide the best option for you. Even if it means providing direct introductions where additional value cannot be added by ourselves.

Two engineers in hard hats and high visibility jackets look at site plans on a table.
Defect & Suspicious
System Investigations
A multitude of inspection
and testing services
Support consultancy for Owners,
Asset Manager, EPCs, O&Ms and TAs
Engineering &
Feasibility Studies
Asset & Portfolio
Acquisition support