Complex, multi-phase, detail & data heavy projects are our forte. 2DegreesKelvin pride ourselves on our ability to receive enquiries from our customers and extensively & meticulously develop optimised workflows and technology solutions to deliver said project to the highest levels possible. If you are looking for man-in-a-van cowboys to get a job done as cheaply and quickly as possible, then we are not your partner. If you are looking for professional & considered project delivery, high quality, health & safety and communication levels and service excellence, then we are your partner.

Check out some of the projects we have delivered:

A large plot of solar panels in a green field with a rainbow in a cloudy sky.

Design & Development Consultancy

2DegreesKelvin were commissioned as Engineering Consultants to assist a private developer with the design and development of a 143 acre site, based upon the surrounding land of a former coal-fired power station site in the North of England.

2DK conducted an initial feasibility study, presenting pre-design layouts, simulations and financial projections to indicate the project viability and progression to the next phase. Following that, 2DK integrated development phase studies (i.e. floodrisk assessments, archaeological studies, visual impact studies etc), to create an optimised design based upon trending technology selections and supply-chain constraints.

In Q2 2022, 2DK usefully submitted the technical elements of the planning permission application on behalf of the landowner for a 42.75MWp solar farm. 2DK will be utilised for the next phases of the project following planning permission acceptance, including the development of the Employers Requirements document, EPC tender management and construction oversight.

Construction Management Services

2DegreesKelvin were engaged by a large European EPC to provide a suite of support services and solutions on three utility-scale solar farm new-builds in the UK in 2021/22. Three sites, consisting of a 20MWp, a 30MWp and a 50MWp needed to be constructed in parallel. 2DK worked closely with the EPC to assist them as a seamless extension to their team providing the following services:

  • Resource Support – Providing Project & Site Managers, as well as HSE Officers for the duration of the projects on the three sites.
  • CDM Compliance – Representing the EPC in client facing risk management, design and HSE meetings, and developing and updating all relevant CDM documentation.
  • Drone Services – Conducting a thorough site survey pre-construction, both on foot and by air, to capture the as-found condition of the land and features. 2D Orthographic surveys and GPS setting out both contribute to the accuracy of the design. We were also engaged to conduct construction monitoring drone surveys to track construction progress.
  • Post-Shipment Module Testing – To comply with the project ER’s, 2DK were commissioned with the visual inspection and Electroluminescence testing of over 5,000 modules. All were judged and classified utilising a judgement criteria.
  • Procurement Support – Eliminating the need for the EPC to gain multiple signatures to approve purchases, 2DK offer a low margin service to enable quick and efficient purchasing. Meaning that materials, services and products can be procured immediately to keep schedules and budgets on track.

Defect Survey & Exchange Project

2DK were awarded firstly a High-Definition drone survey to identify module delamination (4 x site / 220,000 modules). This utilised advanced aerial inspection techniques and analytics software to enable a quantifiable outcome, counting effected modules with defects down to 5mm in diameter.

The second phase of the project was then to mobilise a site team to conduct defect marking, module disconnection, demounting, transportation, cleaning, scanning (for warranty claim compliance), packing & shipment to OEM. The team utilised an OEM specific APP to scan serial numbers and take the required images of the modules. The 2DK team developed a purpose-built array access platform which were needed to gain access to the module arrays and over 11,500 modules were exchanged through a winter program. Project delivered on time in a professional & safe manner. 

Asset Life-Extension Project

2DK were commissioned to improve cable management on 3 sites in Pembrokeshire, totalling 28MW. The sites were commissioned in 2012 with the wrong modules for the mounting structure, meaning that the DC cables and MC4 connectors were not suitably supported, causing water ingress, corrosion and RISO events.

As well as this, the mounting structures were suffering from premature corrosion of bolts, nuts and washers, and no environmental protection on the earth bonding connection points.

2DK mobilised a self-contained multi-skilled team, working under a Transfer of Control with the O&M contractor, to safely isolate SCB’s, install circa 40+km of catenary wire, and 30,000+ P-clip items to provide the DC cable and connectors with suitable support and removing the low drip-point condition.

We also applied 500+ litres of anti-corrosive galvanic spray to the 200,000+ corroded bolts, nuts and washers on both sides to extend life, as well as applying 50+ litres of Duralac jointing compound to all earth connection points on site.

The project lasted over 6 months, accumulating over 6,000 man-hours and working during the winter months. 2DK worked safely, minimising production losses and conducted regular quality of workmanship checks.

The project was ecstatically signed off by a happy client.