The Road to Repower - Part II

Another prelude of our upcoming report to share with you this morning. This one explores the different examples of repowering projects in solar.

The most common repowering project, is the exchange of the inverters. This can be changing a central for a central, strings for strings, a central for strings or strings for a central. The most common out of these that I have come across is either a central for a central or replacing a centralised inverter with string inverters in a centralised fashion (all in one location). There are advantages of this type of repower strategy which I will detail in the upcoming report.

Other forms of Revamping & Repowering include:

- Module Orientation & String Configuration
- Horizon Line Shading Solutions (Optimisers / MPPT trackers)
- PID Healing Solutions
- Module Coatings
- Warranty Claim Exchanges

All of these interesting enhancement projects will be discussed & evaluated in our ‘The Road to Repower’ report.