The Road to Repower - Part I

The terms revamp & repower are relatively new to the solar industry & essentially for me describes the collective adjectives to increase the assets performance, reliability & life. In some cases, the safety of system may also be improved or upgraded.

The term ‘revamp’ relates to a range of various planned improvements or even optimisation measures which can be applied to a site to increase its performance, safety & longevity, but without major change outs or exchanges of major components.

The term ‘repower’ relates to (in most cases) the exchange of the power conversion equipment on a utility scale solar asset. However, I would certainly extent this term to be used when changing out a large proportion of modules, particularly if they are different power classes (250W for 350W for example), as this is not as simple as it sounds.

My hypothesis is that systemic failures, premature deterioration & component obsolescence will prevail & along with it, a blood-bath of warranty cases, legal adjudications & losses to investors.

We are currently working on a report named 'The Road to Repower', keep your eyes peeled on our free resources page for this!