CEA & 2DK Partnership

Clean Energy Associates (CEA), the leading supplier of technical due diligence and engineering services for solar PV and energy storage around the globe, announced a partnership with 2DegreesKelvin, a UK-based engineering company specialising in solar asset assessments, testing, improvements, and optimisation.

2DegreesKelvin provides a comprehensive suite of on-site solar services, such as mobile module testing, revamp and repower services, improvement and optimisation, and EL testing capabilities. This thorough range of services makes them a perfect partner for CEA to provide more localized support for UK-based clients.

“Combining CEA’s supply chain intelligence and quality assurance services with 2DK’s localized testing and solar services in the UK market is a game changer for our clients,” said Andy Klump, CEO and Founder of CEA. “With this partnership we really are making the world smaller for our clients – they will now benefit from 2DK’s advanced on-the-ground mobile testing services based in the UK, and CEA’s China-based supply chain experts and quality assurance engineers to cover the entire project life-cycle with world-class professionals.”

“We work with the best in the business as we trace the supply chain for solar panels, inverters, racking systems, and batteries from raw materials to operating power plants,” Klump said. “2DegreesKelvin deserves to call themselves ‘solar black belts’ because of the contribution they’re already making to our sector’s success. We’re glad to add them as a valued partner.”

2DegreesKelvin’s founder and CEO John Davies is a chartered engineer in the UK with over 16years of experience in the energy sector, including serving as station manager of Uskmouth Power Station and operations director at Cobalt Energy. His work in renewable energy is inspired in part by witnessing the Sea Empress tanker oil spill in Wales in 1996, and deciding to advance alternatives to fossil fuels.

The 2DegreesKelvin team has now tested over 25,000 solar modules to maximize their power output, safety, and longevity, delivering over 100 MW to date of module, cable and connector exchange projects. Their mission is to tackle global warming through innovation and service excellence.

“Asset Owners & Managers are starting to understand the true value of end-to-end quality assurance and ensuring that the components that are being installed on these new assets are credible and are in the best possible condition, maximizing performance and longevity for the long term,” said Davies. “This strategic partnership with CEA is a historic milestone for 2DK. It provides a huge strength and depth of technical support as we introduce our UK network to both the upstream and downstream quality management services that both CEA and 2DK can offer.”  

This partnership ensures clients receive world-class support end-to-end regardless of what stage of the solar product life cycle they are in.

“2DK and CEA are committed to the same goals and share the same values – maximize the value for our clients while supporting the global transition to a clean economy. This core alignment makes this partnership such a perfect fit, and our clients are already realizing the benefits.” stated Andy.


To contact Clean Energy Associates: info@cea3.com

To contact 2 Degrees Kelvin: john@2degreeskelvin.org


Media contact: Morgan Oats, publicrelations@cea3.com

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About Clean Energy Associates

CLEANENERGY ASSOCIATES LLC (www.cleanenergyassociates.com) provides technical due diligence and engineering services for solar PV and energy storage clients around the globe including financial institutions, project developers, EPCs, IPPs, and PV power plant owners.

CEA’s team of 145+ professionals with 1,000+ years of industry experience including115+ engineers serve the solar PV and energy storage industries through our expertise in PV modules, racking, inverters, batteries and energy storage systems. Since 2008, CEA has reduced buyers' risks and improved returns on investments via technical assurance and engineering services covering more than85+ GW of solar PV and 4+ GWhr of energy storage projects in 60+ countries.

About 2DegreesKelvin

2DegreesKelvin (www.2degreeskelvin.org) is an award winning, climate-neutral, climate-changing engineering company for asset owners, asset managers, developers, technical advisors, EPC’s, O&M’s and Insurance companies alike.

We specialise in solar asset assessments, testing, improvements and optimisation. We have tested over 20,000 modules using our state-of-the-art equipment, and delivered over 100MW of module, cable & connector exchange projects. We use state-of-the-art equipment and have partnered with world leading technology providers to provide front-line innovation and service excellence to our customers. Our agile and professional team continuously develops new value-adding services to maximise asset knowledge, lower investment risk, and increase revenue, to ensure solar PV as a renewable technology is suitably deployed around the world.